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Serving the farriers, ranches and equine community of Yavapai County since 1999.


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Bob and Pat Earle opened Four Shoes Farrier Supply in the spring of 1999 to serve the horseshoeing and equine community of Yavapai County. Bob shod horses  from 1989-2018,  and  now spends his time in the  shop creating knives and blacksmithing.  Pat grew up riding Thoroughbreds and backyard horses and continues to ride her 27 year-old Thoroughbre,d Fancy  Slew. And, yes, that's a Seattle Slew granddaughter! 


  • Four Shoes is open Monday through Friday from                         9 AM - 3 PM and by appointment on weekends or after hours. 


The best products in the industry.

Four Shoes carries a variety of horseshoes for all breeds and disciplines, as well as numerous tools, nails, pads, topical ointments, hoof care products and equipment. You will find brands such as St. Croix, Kerckhaert, EDSS, Werkman, Diamond, Capewell, Delta, Cooper, Vulcan, Vector, Mustad, Ironwerks, KB, Double S, NC, Yoder, Nature Farms, Heller, Cody James, Kahn and Anvil Brand. Items can also be special ordered and shipped via USPS or UPS. 

Along with horseshoeing tools, Four Shoes offers a good selection of  used tack and saddles, water and feed barrels, and three different types of corral panels for horse pens, travel pens, round pens, arenas, small animal pens, etc.

About Us


Horseshoeing in family.

Horseshoeing in family.

Horseshoeing in family.

Pat's dad, Herb Humboldt, grew up in Southern California riding horses and collecting animals of all kinds. His first bill of sale for a horse included payment of a sheep and two chickens!  After returning home from WWII, Herb attended college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo enrolling in the horseshoeing program. Hoof care has been in the family ever since.  A display of Herb's own horseshoeing tools is proudly hanging at Four Shoes. 


A day at the beach.

Horseshoeing in family.

Horseshoeing in family.

As a fun Christmas adventure, and the best present ever, Bob, Pat and daughter Kate, rode horses on the beach in Santa Barbara. 


Always horses!

Horseshoeing in family.

Always horses!

Pat's mom, Virginia Humiston Humboldt, was one of the first women issued a trainer's license at Santa Anita Racetrack.  She  and Herb both trained Thoroughbreds throughout California  in the late 1960's and 1970's. A poster of Willie Shoemaker hangs in Four Shoes as a reminder of that gutsy woman trainer and the day she gave the boot to Shoemaker when her long shot crossed the finish line first!

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